We've built a custom site here to host Reorbit plays in order for us to, in time, extend the functionality for our authors and audiences beyond what Twitter may offer.

Functionality of a Play

Below describes how a play is currently structured which we hope to evolve as we see actual usage and gather your feedback.

  • Once a submission is accepted the user may log in as an author.
  • An author regularly publishes as a character in their play via Twitter. Each character is its own Twitter account. There are many free mobile and desktop apps available for publishing to Twitter.
  • Characters are performed and presented in a play hosted within Reorbit. The play page provides tools for author publishing and connecting with the audience.
  • An author has the ability to extend an already published post beyond the 140-character limit by using the 'expound' feature. The author may choose to use this feature as a way of giving reference, as an aside voice, or simply to extend the text.
  • (Coming soon: Expound with photos, video, and audio.)
  • The audience may comment on each post in a play. The author can delete any comments or choose to not enable commenting.
  • A play can contain several characters. An author may participate across several plays as different characters.
  • Plays are preserved and archived on the site.