Erin Orison
Eighteen-year-old Erin was on the lam. Nearly murdered by her yakuza “boyfriend,” Ryu, at her power-and-money-mad father Christian Orison’s request; reborn as a zombie thanks to the lovesick ghoul, Clément; dead again before her next birthday; she has finally found a second—and far safer—life in the virtual world where she is enjoying all things dark, virtual and … thanks to the ever-amorous Clément … zombie. Written and performed by Linda Watanabe McFerrin
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About This Play
Character : 
Erin Orison My name is Erin and I am not a zombie, though my boyfriend, the gangster, Ryu, and the ghoul, Clément, tried to make one of me.
Played by author Linda Watanabe McFerrin

Duration : 
Began Mar 1st 2011 and currently active.

Genre : 

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