Jack Kerouac
By the time reports of his death had circulated around the world, Jack Kerouac vowed that he would never speak English, drink alcohol, go on the road or, except for the occasional haiku, poem or memory tic, write creatively, ever again. He would, however, not only find true love and become a great painter, but also, grow very happily old as Jean-Louis Lévesque, a part-time baseball coach and curling enthusiast living far off the map in the little French Catholic town of Saint-Hilarion, Québec. This Reorb.it explains how it all happened. Written and performed by Audrey Sprenger
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About This Play
Character : 
Jean-Louis Lévesque Jack Kerouac? Je n'ai jamais entendu parler de lui.
Played by author Audrey Sprenger

Duration : 
Began May 1st 2011 and currently active.

Genre : 

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