Ayn Rand
Ayn is back, and she’s Randier than ever! After 30 years of self-imposed, J.D. Salinger-style exile, Ayn Rand—the fiery novelist, defender of capitalism, and founder of the conservative philosophy, Objectivism—says goodbye to her beloved Manhattan skyline and relocates herself to a condo in San Francisco, telling the media that she wants to “explore Silicon Valley, the dynamic center of 21st-century capitalism.” Can this fiery conservative icon find happiness, and maybe even love, in this bastion of progressive politics and alternative lifestyles? Written and performed by Ayn Rand
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About This Play
Character : 
Ayn Rand Philosopher. Novelist. Objectivist. Conservative icon. Boogie-boarder in San Francisco.
Played by author Ayn Rand

Duration : 
Began Jul 1st 2011 and currently active.

Genre : 

Art : 
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