Ernest Hemingway
There will be no plot but instead I will try to give the truest account I can of my life here with my old first mate and companion Chago Fuentes and my great-grand-daughers who live nearby with their mother and those members of the Wood River to Meeting Sobriety Group who are known drunks and who lost their anonymity long ago. There will be no mention of Trailhead Shoes where the cowherds work in the off season. Nor of the middle-aged bachelor Maurice who tends the morning glories in the hanging baskets and whiskey barrels on Main Street. Written and performed by Ernest Hemingway
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About This Play
Character : 
Ernest Hemingway I died gradually, then suddenly.
Played by author Ernest Hemingway

Duration : 
Began Jan 29th 2011 and currently active.

Genre : 

Art : 
by ?

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