Eleazar Albin
Eleazar Albin wakes up in Brooklyn, New York, hundreds of years after his alleged death in London in 1742. He's not a cockroach, he's not a kitten. He's the same great drawer of animals who used to make books of spiders and birds, "curiously engraven from the life." But since the days when he used to ask readers to send more specimens to him at the Dog & Duck, his local London pub, the world has transformed beyond belief. Wandering Prospect Park with nothing but a smart phone and a butterfly net, his new search begins. Written and performed by Ari Messer
More About This Play
Character : 
Eleazar Albin 18th century animal illustrator revived by Ari Messer. Oh, back when Opium was legal and Debtor's Prison was rehab. Those were the Days.
Played by author Ari Messer

Duration : 
Began Mar 1st 2011 and currently active.

Genre : 

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