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An experiment in social media theater

San Francisco, Calif. February 24, 2011 — Reorbit launches its first set of online plays on March 1, 2011.

Reorbit is a cutting-edge project that merges historical figures and modern technology to create a new set of online plays. Writing in real-time, the characters use Twitter as a channel for interacting with a wider audience online. What would Kafka say in 140 characters? What would a modern-day Sylvia Plath tweet about? Social media will play a role in an actual real-time written performance of a character.

The first characters to go live include Emperor Norton, Sylvia Plath, Keith Moon and Charles Bukowski. Reorbit is also extending the audience of other projects: Arthur Miller will be re-imagined in conjunction with a production of one of his plays, and a contemporary novelist's main character will continue her dialogue with the audience. The Reorbit characters can be followed at

"Reorbit challenges writers to inhabit a character, create an alternate history or future, and re-tell their story in a contemporary way." says Dawn Danby, the project's curator and co-founder.

Interested writers, both local and international, can continue to submit character ideas on the site. Subsequent launches will follow.


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About Reorbit

Reorbit is an experiment in social media theater. It's created by Ericson deJesus, Dawn Danby, Adrian Cotter, Erik Hinzpeter and Alex Shippee. With backgrounds in design, technology and writing, Reorbit's founders seek to reengage audience interest in theater and literature through emerging new media technology and experiences. More at

The Reorbit site will continue to evolve and extend its functionality for both authors and audience beyond what Twitter may offer.

Artwork featured within each play is made possible through a partnership with online arts journal Escape Into Life.

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