1. re · or · bit
  2. —verb
    1. To recast and replay an established character or narrative in a modern medium that is unmistakably today.
  3. —noun
    2. A revived personae walking amongst the living.
    3. Posthumous social media vitality.
  4. —website
    4. Real-time serial programming for the written word.
    5. Social media theater.

Reorbit hosts a collection of plays performed in text by authors taking on a persona of their choosing as they go about their daily lives and misadventures. Follow them in real-time on this site or via the Twitter.

Expanding social media into artful artifice, our intent is to reengage audience interest in theater & literature through emerging new media technology and experiences. We are asking writers to write for free, however any proceeds we may be able to generate in the future will go into furthering this mission or be fairly distributed to authors for any writing we may republish.

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A nod to fellow travelers along this way such as Feminist Hulk, Rebel Mayor, William Hogarth, and Samuels World who are well and alive today. Big ups to David Shields for inspiring this project from its initial spark.

Calling all writers to inhabit a character of their choosing.

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[ see also Functionality of a Play ]

To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.
Samuel Beckett