Seeking writers and other writerly types interested in new forms of theatrical story-telling and new media experimentation. Here's a chance to inhabit a character, subvert genre, create an alternate history, deform the medium, and re-tell a story in a contemporary way—wow.

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Deep knowledge of your proposed character along with an interesting approach on how to perform a new imagined narrative in at least one 140-char post per day ...ezpz (:


There's nothing like constraints to get creative people juiced up juiced up. So we've created some structure here within which you may choose to perform:

  • Structure of the narrative
  • ~ In the present, as if the character was living today.
  • ~ In the past, reenacting events or retelling a narrative.
  • Character types
  • ~ Historical figure no longer living.
  • ~ Fictional character.
  • And some writing guidelines
  • The goal is to use Twitter for creative writing, and not to use it as a marketing channel. If your character is obscure or unknown, give the audience some context and a reason to follow your narrative. Ignore the ways that most of the world uses Twitter. Avoid retweeting (RT) at all costs. Use links and hashtags very sparingly, or put links inside the expound feature on Reorbit. While we're tempted to say "no hashtags whatsoever", we'd make exceptions for certain characters. Remember that hashtags eat up your character count, and links direct attention away from you. You're not required to write poetry or haiku, but we're looking for a similar economy of words. A post a day is a baseline minimum to maintain momentum. If you're using dialogue between characters, don't wait days between posts. We have no rules about length of plays, but when you wrap up your play, don't just stop posting, give it a proper ending. You're welcome to use profanity, but (as in the real world) using it sparingly can have more impact.
What is a fact? What's a lie, for that matter? What, exactly, constitutes an essay or a story or a poem or even an experience? What happens when we can no longer freeze the shifting phantasmagoria which is our actual experience?
D'Agata, The Next American Essay