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  1. Photographer Vivian Maier obsessed with perfecting the instagram application on her new iPhone.@Audrey_Sprenger
  2. Francie Nolan growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Recession of 2008.@Audrey_Sprenger
  3. Lady Macbeth struggles in her new post as a kindergarten teacher. Ruthless, ruthless play. @HoppingFun
  4. Fantasy Island. But with Hunter Thompson as Mr. Roarke and Toulouse-Lautrec as Tattoo. Set on the Channel Islands. @alistardean
  5. Melanie Klein as a fairy princess entertainer for hire at children's parties? @ericsond
  6. Cast of The Love Boat after capsizing like The Poseidon Adventure, sending out tweet help messages. That would be exciting. @bradleyjmilton
  7. Sister Maria Celeste texting her father, Galileo Galilei, from her convent. @palindromed
  8. Ignatius J. Reilly brings theology and geometry to a post-Katrina New Orleans. @threadbare
  9. Knights from Spencer's The Faerie Queene recast as modern soldiers, activists, and mercenaries. @threadbare
  10. Tantalus, trying once again to get the grapes, banters with Sisyphus, trying once again to get the boulder up the hill. @threadbare
  11. Pennywise (the clown) as a spider at a Montessori method school. @ericsond
  12. Oscar Wilde and Adolf Loos comment and argue over general trends in fashion and industrial design. @ericsond
  13. Mary in contemporary San Francisco carrying the next messiah and trying to explain the situation to her hipster boyfriend. @aynne
  14. Krishna and Radha become stars in a wacky sitcom with a host of incarnations as nosy neighbors. @aynne
  15. An inanimate object speaking in iambic pentameter about its viewpoint. @queenofplastics
  16. Princess Leia goes to Dominatrix school. @ameliamade
  17. Genghis Khan as a Bukowski character. @standardquality
  18. Mozart's "Flight of a Bumblebee" as seen by a bumblebee. @queenofplastics
  19. The guy who cried "the Redcoats are coming!" as a modern-day elementary school hall-monitor. @queenofplastics
  20. Ophelia, if she didn't drown. @queenofplastics
  21. Intergalactic cruiseship's captain tweeting about the intergalactic sea conditions and ports-of-call. @queenofplastics
  22. An optometrist's dream journal. @queenofplastics
  23. Freud and Jung analyze today's celebrities as they make top headlines. Lydia S.
  24. The world giving sighs of horror or relief, daily. @queenofplastics
  25. Who can be as interesting as the most interesting man in the world. @ericsond
  26. What ever happened to August Strindberg & Helium. @ericsond
  27. Lolita and Humbert Humbert on a U.S. cross-country road trip. @ericsond
  28. Sisyphus as a museum security guard working solo night shifts. @ericsond
  29. Emily Dickinson's living verse through today's current events. @ericsond
  30. Catch Don Quixote before he saddles up his old Volkswagen. @altissima